Foot Treatments


The eyes are a mirror of the soul; likewise, the feet are a mirror of your body. Did you know your feet contain 72,000 nerve endings? Every muscle in your body is represented in your foot. So, it's easy to imagine how a good foot massage could relax your whole body. Foot soaks are wonderful treatments that combine thorough foot cleansing action with relaxation and relief of localized pain. A hot soak will stimulate circulation to the lower extremities, bringing nourishment and relief to cold or numb feet. Foot soaks can create a sense of well-being to the entire body.

Seaport Salon & Day Spa Signature Foot Bath ~ This treatment will lift you off your feet with out having to move off the chair. A luxurious foot bath, leg wrap, paraffin dip and foot massage that will penetrate deep to soothe sore joints, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your skin while removing toxins and impurities. This treatment is wonderful for achy feet, legs, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.
                                                                                                                                   Add a pedicure for $20.00 more 


Foot Massage ~ 15min.     (with foot bath)           $35.00 

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